In Focus

Deputy Head of Junior School Update – 22 June 2017

Junior School has been experiencing, as always, many exciting learning opportunities in recent weeks, but even more so as we have approached the end of the term and semester with the necessary enthusiasm and commitment to achieve our goals.

As always our focus is on creating purposeful learning experiences to help our students make connections within and across all areas of the curriculum that will help deepen their knowledge, strengthen their skills and reflect on themselves as learners. And this is best achieved through carefully planned learning engagements within the classroom as well as accessing wonderful opportunities to go beyond the school gates and relate our learning to the real world. So in recent weeks we have had: ELC students visiting the supermarket, Year 3 have benefited from an indigenous art incursion and an excursion to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens and Year 1 have been on several walks around Berwick to inquire into how communities change over time. And just this week our Year 2 students presented a wonderful mini exhibition of their learning around their Where We Are in Place and Time unit.  I never ceased to be amazed by the way all our students can articulate and share their understandings – such wonderful and confident communicators!

We have also enjoyed many sporting and musical activities which have again highlighted the breadth of experiences our students enjoy. Our Year 6 girls visited two of our local retirement villages to share some wonderful singing and our recent Prep/1 Concert, Animals, was a delight.  It show cased all of the amazing artistic talents of these young students with an outstanding display of visual art and musical performances.

When all of the above is considered, together with our recent Parent/Teacher interviews, continuous online reporting and portfolios, I think  these holidays are very timely and an opportunity for all our learners (students, staff and parents alike) to take some time out to rest, relax and recharge in readiness for the excitement of semester 2.

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy break.

Mrs Melissa Graham
Deputy Head of Junior School