In Focus

Acting Head of Campus report

At Berwick Grammar the Yearstart program, designed to cement prior learning while also exploring concepts from next year’s curriculum, has been enthusiastically approached by students in Year 7 to 12. From brain dissections to new calculators, there have been many fantastic learning opportunities offered to our students through this program. Students and staff commencing at BGS next year were invited to Orientation Day. Many great experiences were created for our guests to enjoy, we look forward to these fresh faces joining us in 2016.

Activities days are organised for the last three days of term for students in Year 5 to 8. Monday morning is the chance for leadership positions to be voted on while the afternoon is full of Language Day activities. Tuesday is activities day with Coordinators organising a range of exciting activities for students including ceramics classes and amusement style games on the oval. The Final Assembly will take place from 1.20 pm on Wednesday 9 December and parents are very welcome to attend.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank our families, not only for their support throughout the year but also for allowing us the privilege of educating your son. Thank you also to our wonderful staff for their dedication and commitment to this very important task. I wish all our families a relaxing and enjoyable festive season and I look forward to bringing Mr Swanepoel and our community together at the beginning of Term 1 2016 for another fantastic year.

Mr Anthony Smith