In Focus

90th Anniversary Whole School Photograph

2016 celebrates the significant 90 year milestone in the history of St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School, and to commemorate this special occasion a whole school photograph is scheduled for Thursday 18 February.

We ask that you read the information below pertaining to your child/ren.

On the morning of the photograph, Berwick Grammar School will be closed with all students arriving at St Margaret’s School. We acknowledge the impact of additional traffic entering via St Margaret’s Place and ask for your patience and understanding. To help alleviate parking, all staff will be parking on the front oval to provide as many spaces as possible in the Auditorium car park.

Berwick Grammar School
• Berwick Grammar School will be closed for the morning. All BGS staff will be onsite at St Margaret’s.
• Student Arrival: All BGS students must be dropped off at St Margaret’s School by 8.15 am.
Students arriving on the scheduled school buses are to promptly join their year level group when the buses arrive at SMS. The Warragul Bus Service will stop at BGS in transit to SMS, however, the driver has been informed that no student is to disembark at BGS, it is for pick up only.
• Location: All BGS students are to assemble on the St Margaret’s back oval, with their school bags, in their relevant year level groups. BGS staff will be on the oval to facilitate the organisation of students.
• Uniform: Regardless of the student’s timetable, all boys must arrive in full summer uniform with blazers. Jumpers are not to be worn underneath the blazer. NO sports uniform. If your son has sport scheduled for the day this uniform should be packed in their school bag.
• At the conclusion of the photograph, buses will transport all BGS students and staff to the Officer campus and the students will commence their normal school day.
• Berwick Grammar School Campus will re-open from 9.30 am.
• After school pick up arrangements will remain as normal.

St Margaret’s School
• All students are to commence their school day as per usual. Photographs for SMS ELC, Junior School and Senior School are scheduled throughout the morning and will be concluded by the end of lunch. Students will be directed by staff at the relevant times.
• ELC students who would not normally attend school on this day are invited to be a part of this historic photograph. Please refer to your classroom bulletin/teacher for further details regarding arrangements for this day.
• Uniform: ELC. All students are required to be in full sports uniform: red shorts, school polo and sports jacket, short white socks with runners. NO school rugby jumper.  Prep to Year 12. Regardless of the student’s timetable, all students must arrive in full summer uniform with blazers. NO sports uniform, if your child has sport scheduled for the day, this uniform should be packed in their school bag.

The process of capturing a whole school photograph has changed significantly since our last anniversary back in 2011. This year, each campus will be photographed independently and then digitally combined to create one large group image. All students will be seated for the photograph to a maximum height of five rows on a custom made covered stand.

If you have any further questions, please contact Student Office or Reception.