95th Anniversary Scholarships – Closed

Following our students stellar 2020 VCE results, which placed the school in the top percentiles for the state again, we are celebrating our students and our 95th anniversary by offering a suite of scholarships to Year 7 and Year 10 students in 2022, so they can take advantage of our amazing, proven educational experience and truly achieve their personal best.

These scholarships are open to boys and girls with the top students of each gender able to receive a scholarship up to 95% of the school's tuition fee.

What are we looking for?

There is an adage “the more you put in, the more you get out” and we sincerely believe this is the case in education, particularly at a school like ours that offers so many advantages. In line with this ethos, our 95th Anniversary Scholarships are for general excellence. So, we are looking for young men and women who have a passion, who want to make a difference in the world and who are willing to make a meaningful contribution to the school. Examples might be debating, sport, performing arts, music, science, enterprise or community engagement.

How to apply

  • Applying is easy. Simply use the online form and answer each question on this page of our website.
  • Ahead of completing the form, you will need:
    • soft copies of the candidate’s last two school reports, so they can be uploaded.
    • a soft copy of the candidate’s latest NAPLAN assessment, so they can be uploaded.
    • have the candidate’s responses to the following questions, so that they can be copied and pasted into the form.
      • What makes a good leader?
      • If you were to invite 3 leaders you admire to your house for dinner, who would you invite and why?
      • How will you contribute to our school?
      • What are you passionate about outside school and why?
    • any additional supporting documents, you may wish to provide us.

Important information

  • The 95th Anniversary Scholarships are open to students, Boys and Girls, who will enter either Year 7 or Year 10 in 2022.
  • This Scholarship program is open to students who are not currently attending St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.
  • Applications must be submitted via the official online application form.
  • All questions in the application must be answered and requested reports uploaded.
  • All applications must be received by 4.00 pm Friday 12 March 2021.
  • 95th Anniversary Scholarships are not open to international students on international visas.
  • All scholarships are provided at the discretion of the School’s Scholarship Committee.

Next steps after you submit the application

  • Successful scholarship candidates will be invited to attend an interview at the school with the Principal or Vice-Principal.
  • After the interview, if successful, you will receive a scholarship offer.
  • You accept or decline the offer provided.
  • All offers are at the discretion of the School and are final.

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