Academic Scholarships

This Scholarship is available to students entering Year 5 to Year 11 in 2024.

Candidates who reach a pre-determined level of academic performance in the initial examination, will be short-listed and invited for an interview with the Principal or relevant Head of School. An Academic Scholarship can provide up to 50% remission of annual tuition fees and is offered until the end of Year 12. Consolidated charges and any additional tuition fees (i.e. music, drama, tennis, etc) remain at full charge.

Key Information:

  • All academic scholarships are completed online
  • Registration for academic scholarships close: Wednesday 4 May 2022 at 4.00 pm
  • Academic scholarship testing day is Saturday 14 May 2022 9.00 am to 12.30 pm (approx.)
  • Scholarship students must be Australian Citizens or Permanent Residence
  • Academic scholarship assessment registration fee: $100 (Students in Victoria Years 5 – 11)
  • Academic scholarship assessment registration fee: $275 (Students based Interstate)
  • Academic scholarship assessment registration fee: $300 (Students based Overseas)
  • There are specific technical requirements to participate, please see below in the Frequently Asked Questions.

For further information regarding enrolments or the Scholarship Program, please contact the Admissions Office

T: (03) 9703 8111


The online examination will consist of four components:

  1. Abstract Reasoning and Problem Solving – this test assesses the ability to reason with and analyse information using verbal, mathematical, figural, and spatial concepts.
  2. Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning – for primary and junior secondary students these tests assess curriculum-related mathematics tasks and mathematical reasoning tasks. Middle and senior secondary students are assessed on mathematics reasoning tasks. These are different to curriculum-based mathematics and focus on problem-solving skills.
  3. Reading Comprehension – this test assesses the ability to remember, locate, analyse, evaluate, derive, and combine text propositions with fiction and non-fiction texts of increasing complexity.
  4. Written Expression – this test assesses students’ facility with written language. A stimulus is provided for students to produce a piece of writing in a particular genre (e.g. narrative or argument) depending on the requirements of the school.

A full schedule of testing will be provided to families prior to the exam.

Each task is around 40-45 minutes in length, except for Written Expression, which is 25 minutes. These tasks measure how a child performs in relation to the cohort sitting the exam.

Students and parents need to be aware that these tests may be demanding and that not all students will complete each test within the time allowed. It is important students do not spend too much time on questions they find too difficult.

Special preparation or coaching is not likely to improve your child’s results and past papers are not available. The best preparation is to arrive relaxed and refreshed for the testing day. A good night’s sleep is very important.

During the test session your child should:

  • Carefully follow directions
  • Read questions carefully and not rush
  • Sometimes it is wise to read a question a second time
  • Use a process of elimination to choose the best answer
  • If a question is too difficult, it is better to leave the answer space blank and come back later if there is time
  • Always match the answer number correctly from the test booklet to the answer sheet
  • Remember that nobody is expected to answer all questions

Please note that there no assistance can be provided to the student during the examination.

Academic Scholarship Application Process Information

  • You will need a current email address and valid credit/debit card.
  • Apply using the button on this page.
  • Complete online registration (registrations are only accepted online, by the advertised close date and time and with payment of the registration fee)
  • The registration fee is payable irrespective of current enrolment status with the school.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt of application will be delivered in a printable form directly from Academic Assessment Service as part of the online registration process.
  • As part of the online registration process, each applicant will be required to respond to questions which may cover:
    • Her/his academic, sporting, co-curricular activities, and areas of ability and excellence.
    • Any family connection, past or present, with St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.
  • When completing the registration, ensure that you select the correct year level in 2022.
  • ALL candidates (external and internal) applying for the Academic Scholarship must sit the examination advertised date. Unfortunately, no alternative arrangements can be made.

Offers and Acceptance of Academic Scholarships

  • Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend an interview as soon as is practically possible. Please do not contact the school, as the timetable to contact parents to arrange interviews involves both campus’ and covers at least a four-week period.
  • Successful candidates will be notified in writing and provided with 14 days to indicate their acceptance or otherwise of the school’s offer. If acceptance is not received by this time, the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer.
  • Candidates who have been unsuccessful will be notified in writing at the earliest opportunity.
  • A written report with an analysis of each candidate’s examination performance will be provided by the organisation conducting the testing. This report will be forwarded to the postal details provided at the time of the online registration and it is expected that this should be received by no later than 31 March 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The School has engaged Academic Assessment Services (AAS) to provide the School’s Academic Online Testing which can be completed in a student’s home, if adequate security measures can be assured and guaranteed by the parent / or guardian of the student.

In order to provide secure online testing, specific steps must be taken to guarantee the integrity of the results. As part of the process, the parent/s of the student will need to sign and submit an agreement online to:

  • confirm both validity of the test data and the confidentiality of the test materials and processes; and
  • consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of the student.

This is designed to ensure that:

  • The test taker’s identity is confirmed
  • No assistance will be / was provided throughout the examination session
  • No copies of test questions in any form will be made, stored or conveyed to third parties.

The examination will be provided through a locked-down browser that does not allow access to other websites, applications or aids such as spell checkers etc.

  • Students must use a computer with a camera that will allow the transmission of their photograph and the recording
    of the testing examination session/s.

By agreeing to the above, parents agree to such recording as a condition of undertaking the examination. Without this agreement, testing cannot proceed. Please refer to the summary of the AAS Privacy Policy on our website for further information regarding the collection of personal information.

AAS staff guarantee that recordings taken during the testing will be deleted as soon as they have been used to cross
check the identity of the student undertaking the examination. No images of any child will be used for any purpose other than ensuring the validity of the online examination.

To participate in these scholarships from home you will need access to the following equipment.

Supported Devices

  • Laptop / Notebook
  • Desktop
  • Note: Chromebooks, iPads or other tablet devices are not supported.


Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows O/S:
  • Version 8/8.1
  • Version 10
  • Version 11

Mac O/S:

  • macOs 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • macOs Big Sur 11.4
  • macOS Monterey 12.1


Supported Web Browsers


  • Google Chrome – (recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Mac O/S:

  • Google Chrome – (recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge


Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024 width x 768 height
  • Web Camera
  • Internet connection with minimum bandwidth 512 kbp

If you do not have access to these requirements and want to participate in these scholarships, please contact the school and we will see how we may be able to best assist you.

Technical support will be available for families having difficulties on the day. This information will be provided to all students sitting the assessments.

This varies each year and depends on the calibre of candidates.

The Academic Scholarship can provide up to 50% remission of annual tuition fees for the term of the Scholarship.

Existing students of the School can apply for all Scholarships.

The Registration Fee covers the services of the school’s external testing organisation, who provides you with a report on your child’s performance in the examination in addition to the administrative costs to the school.

It is highly recommended that candidates sit the Academic testing, however, this test is not compulsory for Music Scholarship applications.

The academic examination assesses acquired knowledge and intellectual ability. There is no short-term process that can provide a recipe for success.

Allowing your child to rest well prior to the examination, providing encouragement and not overburdening your child with unrealistic responsibilities and expectations; having your child ready and on time to sit the exams – will all assist.

Students will have access to up to 4 practice online papers prior to the assessment day.

Please note previous examinations are not available, but the online application process does link to explanations regarding the nature of the examination.

Comfortable casual clothes.

Academic Scholarship short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited to attend an interview with the school’s Principal or relevant Head of School.

Decisions regarding offers will be made by the Principal and confirmed by Letter of Offer.

Once the selection process has concluded an email will be sent to all those whose child’s application has been unsuccessful.

All candidates will receive a certificate showing their individual results from the testing day.

The school receives a large number of Scholarship applications. The processing of these applications, interviews, etc, takes a considerable amount of time. The timing of the academic exam provides us with the time necessary to provide thorough consideration of each application and forward plan for new students entering the School.

Both campuses of the school are serviced by many transport options.

The School offers a morning and afternoon bus service connecting the Berwick and Officer Campuses.