Master Class Cooking courses

Why travel into the city to all your expensive culinary courses and night outs when you can come to a beautiful relaxed environment and have the best in their field teach you here at St Margaret’s. The Term 2 Master Class Cooking courses have been a brilliant success providing fun, many taste sensations and knowledge you can use for a lifetime. So far we have had the Mediterranean and BBQ Cooking Master Class with Chef Pierre Petruccelli, Chocolate Education Class and Moroccan cookery by Chef Filip Tibo, Indian Cookery Class from the delightful Margaret Fernandes and the Vegetarian/Vegan Cookery presented by Jillian Jeffs.

As well as the Master Classes the Food Technology department have also run the Kids in the Kitchen sessions. With these sessions parents and the students can come along and cook two course meals together and have a fun time getting to know new people in their year level. The best advertisement for the classes has been the feedback from the many who have already attended and there will be many more to come throughout the year in the Food Technology Building.

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