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MSO Secondary School Project

The Music Department of St Margaret’s School were very proud when three senior girls were selected for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s (MSO) prestigious 2014 Secondary School Project.

Brienne Gawler, Year 12, Audrey Mueller-Schmuki, Year 10 and Alice Vonic, Year 9 were chosen from a field of secondary school musicians from around Victoria to rehearse and perform with the MSO in May. After three long and intense rehearsals, the orchestra which combined the MSO professionals and an equivalent number of students, performed three major works to a close to capacity audience at the Melbourne Town Hall. Brienne (oboe), Alice and Audrey (both viola) had the most incredible time and their skills were further refined through this unique ensemble experience.

Congratulations to the girls not only for their work with the MSO, but more importantly for the years of hard work and focus it took prior to their selection. This is a dream to which many of our younger students can now aspire.

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