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Welcome to Berwick Grammar School (Boys only)


Berwick Grammar is a School designed with boys at its heart. While sharing the philosophy of personal best and the culture of academic excellence with St Margaret’s, Berwick Grammar’s tailored approach to boys’ education is its greatest strength.

With small class sizes and a structured, activity-based program, BGS seeks to bring out the best in each individual. Caring and dedicated teachers share a particular empathy for boys and classes reflect the good humored approach that is so clearly appreciated by students. High standards in all aspects of School life are expected and students are encouraged to set achievable goals.

The academic program is comprehensive encouraging students to explore a myriad of concepts in creative and engaging ways. Specialist facilities are well-utilized to support learning in science, technology and the arts. All students use personally owned note book computers to facilitate their learning and have access to a sophisticated technological support structure. Co-curricular opportunities are extensive with both sport and music being important components of the program. Whether competing in SIS Soccer, the Human Powered Vehicle Program or performing in a School production, students are encouraged to strive for personal best.

Berwick Grammar students share a great pride in being foundation members of their School. They know they are making history as they grow to become leaders and role models in a community that celebrates effort, achievement and teamwork.